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About Monaco Construction

Monaco Construction Group Limited (MCGL) was established in August of 1985 by the current General Manager and CEO, Sam Mastromonaco, as a Calgary-based company specializing in corporate office interiors & commercial interiors.

Since 1985, Monaco Construction has become a leader in the Construction Management process as well as the construction of new office interiors. Projects completed by Monaco Construction include:

Monaco Construction is a family owned and operated organization whose commitment to safety and quality service are well demonstrated throughout the company on every project. Monaco Construction is a SECOR-certified company.

Guaranteed Quality

Monaco Construction has a great understanding of the importance of the pre-construction phase, during which we can provide important value to the design and construction process. The experience Monaco Construction possesses in the areas of construction, material selection, scheduling and costing, all play an important part in ensuring that projects are built within budget and on time.

Monaco Construction is equipped with state-of-the-art computers and technology, which are fully utilized on each and every job during both the construction and pre-construction phases.